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According to the 2020 homeless count, on any given night in Los Angeles County, there are over 66,000 people experiencing homelessness, of which 13,200+ are moms and kids! The high cost of living, inflation and lack of affordable housing has created intense financial pressure on low-income families like never before.


In 2021, Hope of the Valley put forth a concentrated effort to create, open and operate, much needed emergency housing for single adults. We did this by opening 6 Tiny Home Communities and our third large congregant shelter called The Trebek Center. Last year, Hope of the Valley, thru its seven brand new interim housing sites, created over 1,000 NEW BEDS for single adults living unsheltered on our streets.


In 2022… heading into 2023, Hope of the Valley will focus on creating much needed housing for families experiencing homelessness of which 90% are led by single moms! In the next 8 months, we will purchase and renovate 4 motels creating 181 NEW living units for homeless families! In total, we will provide 724 NEW beds for moms and kids currently living in extreme poverty, unsheltered on the streets of Los Angeles. The need is overwhelming, and we must act now!


Hope of the Valley has partnered with the California State Housing Community Development Department and the County of Los Angeles to purchase and remodel 4 motels as part of a state initiative known as Project Home Key 2.0. The good news is that the two aforementioned entities will provide approximately 90% of the funds needed to purchase and renovate the properties as well as provide a percentage of operating funds. In turn, Hope of the Valley needs to raise the final 10% of capital and operating funds which equals approximately $4 million dollars.


In order to raise the final 4 million dollars for the three brand new family housing facilities, we are reaching out to the community asking for major gifts, sponsorships and donations. The three sites are as follows:

    • Welcome Home McArthur Park ($1.1 million needed)
      Just up the street from McArthur Park on Alvarado Street in the Westlake division of Los Angeles, we are converting the 20,245 sq. ft. three story Lyfe Inn Motel into a 43 unit, 172-bed facility for families.
    • Welcome Home Lancaster ($700,000 needed)
      In the Antelope Valley we were able to purchase the Sands Motel and the Tropic Motel both located on Sierra Highway in Lancaster. Since the two motels are located next door to one another, we will combine both sites into a large single complex for families experiencing homelessness. The new 14,733 sq. ft. site will consist of 38 units, 152 beds.
    • Welcome Home Woodland Hills ($2.2 million needed)
      With strong support from local politicians, we were able to purchase the 34,050 sq. ft. 818 Hotel located near Winnetka and Ventura Blvd. across from Taft High School in Woodland Hills. The site will consist of 100 units, 400 beds for families experiencing homelessness. Our goal is that each family’s experience with homelessness would be brief and non-reoccurring as we work to rapidly move them into permanent housing.

Each of the sites mentioned above will offer residents a full array of programs and services to assist in ending their homelessness including three hot meals per day, job training and placement, after school tutoring, behavioral health, case management, life skill classes and much more.


Welcome Home SponsorshipsTo help us reach our goal, we are asking our donors, community partners, supporters and friends to consider giving in one of the following ways:
  • Major Donor Wall In the entry way of all three locations will be a large Welcome Home Campaign Major Donor Wall in the shape of a Home! (see picture) We are in need of the following:
    • 1 Gift of $1,000,000
    • 1 Gift of $500,000
    • 2 Gifts of $250,000
    • 3 Gifts of $100,000
    • 4 Gifts of $50,000
    • 5 Gifts of $25,000
    • 6 Gifts of $10,000
    • 180 Gifts of $5,000 (bedroom sponsors)
    *Each of the above donations will be proudly displayed on our Major Donor Wall at all three facilities!
  • Sponsor a Bedroom ($5,000 each) Between the three locations, we need 180 room sponsors! Each room sponsorship is $5,000 and comes with naming rights with a plaque secured on the outside of the room. (Sponsored by, In Honor of or In Memory of) All rooms will be outfitted with beds, desks, refrigerators, microwaves, dressers etc.
  • Buy a Bunkbed ($500 each) In total we will need to purchase 360 bunkbeds. We purchase all of bunkbeds from American Bedding. Each one comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is virtually indestructible!
  • Bedding ($50.00 each) Help purchase sheets, blankets, pillows and comforter for one of our 724 beds!
  • Welcome Home Kit ($25.00 each) Many of our families arrive with no supplies. A Welcome Home Kit will give each family toothbrushes, towels, deodorant, razors, soap, shampoo and other hygiene supplies.
*Pledges are welcome and encouraged. Make a “stretch” gift and pay in installments! All donations will receive a charitable receipt. “Equal Sacrifice, not Equal Gifts”


As we step out of our comfort zone and dare to do something audacious, (opening 3 brand new family facilities at one time) we cannot overstate how important your participation and partnership is! No one can do everything, but we can all do something! Please do your part and make a generous gift today to help unsheltered families come indoors! Collectively, with a unified voice, we will say to each family that comes to the Mission….WELCOME HOME!

PS – If you would like a tour of any of the sites mentioned or would like to discuss a major gift in person, please email ken.craft@hopeofthevalley.org.

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