Donate a Vehicle

VehiCle Donation

Wheels of HOPE

Are you looking to Donate the old family car, RV or truck? Car donations are another way to
support Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission and our men, women, and children. Your used car can help us to end someone’s homelessness.
It’s simple. We do all the work for you.

Three easy steps.
  1. Email us at  or call us at (818) 392-0020 to schedule a pick up.
  2. Gather the Title. We do the rest!
  3. Take a tax write -off.

Why park your vehicle when we can put life essential services in the driver’s
seat! Contact us today or email for more information.

How much will I get for my donation?
The IRS allows you to claim a tax deduction of:
The Amount we sell your vehicle for.
If we sell your vehicle for more that $500, your tax receipt will be for the purchase price of the vehicle. -or-
THE VALUE OF YOUR VEHICLE UP TO $500. It is up to you (the donor) to determine the fair market value. You can file for the value of the vehicle up to $500.
Here’s How we try to get you the maximum tax deduction:
  • We have trained staff who evaluate each car to generate a larger profit – which means a larger tax dedication for you and more resources for the mission.
  • Our staff will decide based on the location, condition and market in your area to have the car be used by the charity, sold an auction, sold on the open market or recycled at a local yard.
We take care of paperwork. It’s that easy!