All In for Housing Campaign

All In for Housing Campaign
Step by Step Ending Homelessness

Ending homelessness in Los Angeles will not happen without intentional sacrifice, determination and collaboration. Starting February 17th, Ken Craft CEO and Rowan Vansleve, President and CFO, of Hope the Mission, will illustrate what an “ALL IN” effort looks like when they dare to do the impossible…run from the Las Vegas strip back to Los Angeles.

The 350 mile run across dry lake beds, the Mojave preserve and vast stretches of wilderness will be a visual illustration of what it means to be ALL IN! Like in Poker, when you go ALL IN, you are putting all that you have on the line in anticipation of success. So Ken and Rowan are willing to put their body, mind and will to the test, going ALL IN, reminding us that nothing great happens without great sacrifice and effort.

The ALL IN campaign is designed to be an ALL IN Fundraiser to raise the final $350,000 for 3 brand new Family Shelter complexes which will provide 724 new beds for unhoused families. Between now and the end of the run, March 10th, we are asking EVERYONE to sponsor as many of the 700,000 steps of the run, for $.50 cents, that Ken and Rowan will take between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Example: There are 2,000 steps in every mile. The ALL IN run is 350 miles which equals 700,000 steps. As you generously sponsor steps of the run for $.50 cents each, it looks like this…

$1,000 = 1 mile = 2,000 steps
$500 = ½ mile = 1,000 steps
$250 = ¼ mile = 500 steps
$125 = 1/8 mile = 250 steps

*The Goal is to get all 700,000 steps sponsored at $.50 cents per step which equals the final $350,000 to open the Family Housing Facilities!

Please be as generous as you can and sponsor as many steps as possible. Think of it as the ultimate Jog-a-Thon! In order for this to be an ALL IN Campaign, we need you to be ALL IN with us!

In advance, thank you for your investment in creating housing solutions for those experiencing homelessness in LA County. When we are ALL IN together, we are sure to make Homeless History!

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