Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village

Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village

The Tiny Homes are really amazing. Each one is 64 sq. ft. in size, has two beds, heat, air-conditioning, windows, a small desk and a front door! Onsite, meals, showers, case management, housing navigation, mental health, job training and placement will be provided. We are doing our very best to MAKE HOMELESS HISTORY!

Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village Map

Alexandria Park, North Hollywood: 103 homes and 200 beds  (this will be the largest Tiny Home Community in Los Angeles County)


What if I told you that you could buy a home in Southern California for $3,000.  Like you I would be all over that!  Well, you cannot actually buy one of the Tiny Homes, but you can secure and sponsor your own Tiny Home for $3,000.  With your sponsorship will come the satisfaction of knowing TWO people are now housed, no longer living on the streets and receiving the best possible care as they rebuild their lives and position themselves toward permanent housing!  PLUS, your name or the name of the person you are honoring will be proudly displayed on the Tiny Home you are sponsoring! 

Please join me and sponsor one or more of these amazing housing units!  The cost of each housing unit is $3,000. Monthly payment options are available.

Make Homeless History!

Help Make Homeless History!

Tiny Home Interior