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Six Tiny Home Villages: 908 Beds

The homeless crisis is growing by nearly 17% countywide each year. According to the latest homeless count there are more than 60,000 unhoused people in Los Angeles County. Nearly 14,000 of them are living on the streets in and around Downtown Los Angeles. “We have more unhoused people in Council District 14 than Chicago or Houston, the No. 3 and 4 most populated cities in America,” said CD14 Councilmember Kevin De León.

Homeless Facts

Tiny Homes are an innovative, affordable, and scalable solution to this humanitarian crisis.  Unlike traditional shelter or affordable housing projects, tiny homes take a short time to build and assemble, at just a fraction of the cost. Each 64 sq. ft. tiny home has two beds and is equipped with heath, air-conditioning, windows, a small desk and a front door! Without interim housing solutions, like Tiny Home Villages, homeless men and women have remained on the street until housing can be found.

The streets shouldn’t be the waiting room for permanent housing.

–Ken Craft, Founder/CEO Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

Tiny Home Provides

In February of 2021, Hope of the Valley launched the very first Tiny Home Village in the City of Los Angeles, Chandler Blvd. Tiny Home Village in North Hollywood. Since it opened the City of Los Angeles has built and funded five more Tiny Home Villages: Alexandria Park(NoHo), Tarzana Sun Flower Cabin Community, Reseda Cabin Community,  Whitsett West (NoHo) and Arroyo Seco (Highland Park). With many thanks to Councilmen Paul Krekorian, John Lee, Bob Blumenfield, Kevin De Leòn and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti these Tiny Home Villages are changing the face of homelessness throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. 

The Tiny Homes are really amazing. Each one is 64 sq. ft. in size, has two beds, heat, air-conditioning, windows, a small desk and a front door! Onsite, meals, showers, case management, housing navigation, mental health, job training and placement will be provided. We are doing our very best to MAKE HOMELESS HISTORY!

The Chandler Blvd. Tiny Home Village opened February 2021 and has 39 homes and 85 beds. Alexandria Park opened May 2021 and has 103 homes and 200 beds. Reseda opened in June 2021 and has 52 homes and 101 beds. Tarzana opened in July 2021 with 78 homes and 148 beds. Whitsett West opened in August of 2021 with 77 homes and 150 beds.  Arroyo Seco Tiny Home Village opened in November of 2021 with 117 homes and 224 beds.   In 2021 we have already added 908 beds to our existing 506 beds! And… there is much more growth and expansion planned for the rest of the year as we strive to bring inside our unhoused neighbors.

Join us in our efforts to prevent, reduce and eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessness. You can assist our efforts by donating or consider sponsoring a tiny home. Click here or the link below.

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