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Councilman Paul Krekorian Shares Vision for 100-Bed NoHo Bridge Housing Shelter

Councilman, Paul Krekorian and Hope of the Valley CEO/Founder Ken Craft share how this Partnership is Changing Lives

The beautiful new 15,000-square foot facility in North Hollywood will provide transitional shelter for men and women who are currently living unhoused throughout San Fernando Valley and LA County.Behind the walls of the building, mattress beds equipped with their own nightstands and storage cubbies, bathrooms with curtained-off shower stalls, and three meals a day will await 85 people looking for a new start. We expect to help find permanent housing for over 400 each year through this facility. The site is designed to temporarily house people that are currently living on the streets until such as time as we are able to place them in permanent housing.

Help us eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessess.