Skateland: Making Homeless History in San Fernando Valley

Skateland: Making Homeless History in San Fernando Valley

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission makes the news with proposal to turn Northridge Skating Rink--Skateland--into innovative and cost-effective Bridge Housing to end homelessness in San Fernando Valley.
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Better Together: Addressing Homelessness in Los Angeles Through Corporate Partnerships

Beachbody: More Than a Corporate Sponsor

With nearly 100,000 homeless men, women and children in LA County, the homeless problem is visible and real. And it’s growing—by nearly 17% per year (according to the 2019 Homeless Count). For the last 10 years Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission has been providing programs and services to help prevent and eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessness throughout San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County. Through our efforts the number of new people on the streets grew by less than half that of the the LA County Average. At 8% it is the lowest in Los Angeles County. That means, there are half as many people on the streets as there would have been without our work. We want that growth to not only be zero, but to be reversed. A good measure of our success is due to an approach that works in partnership with other organizations. We don’t think this a problem any one agency, group, city, county or state government, or charity can solve on its own.

More than sponsors . . . 

Our corporate partnerships are more than sponsors. They understand that solving homelessness will require more than writing a check or underwriting programs. The biggest problems require the best minds to create the best strategies to marshal the resources we have to create innovative and effective solutions. It means tapping into the things that make successful corporations effective.

We think that this has been best represented in our partnership with Beachbody and Beachbody foundation. When over $200,000 dollars was needed to break ground on an 85-Bed Shelter they responded with the down payment and Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission opened the first bridge housing shelter in North Hollywood. It will help nearly 900 homeless, men women and children find permanent housing each year. They have been critical partners in sponsoring events like the Annual Drumstick Dash which raises money to provide over 200,000 hot meals throughout the year.

(Picture: Left–Carl Daikler, CEO and Founder, Beachbody with Ken Craft, Founder/CEO, Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission at newly opened 85-bed NoHo Bridge Shelter)

Employee Driven Initiatives

Currently an employee led team has created a donation based 5k Virtual Run (30-Day Breakaway Virtual 5K) where all proceeds go to homeless services run by Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission. The leadership of Beachbody foundation responded to this employee led effort by committing to match all donations up to $500,000. We believe the secret to our partnership is not only a very generous leadership and corporate culture, but the enthusiasm of employee led teams with participants from every level of the organization.

Through an entirely volunteer driven steering team, Beachbody Employees have:

  • produced live events to create awareness of the homeless problem with over 500+ employees and over 100 fitness trainers with a combined followership in the millions.

  • sent volunteer teams to help in Hope of the Valley programs.

  • provided vital health and fitness programs to shelter residents. Including visit by top trainers and coaches who have offered encouragement and support to our clients.

  • Coordinated “think tanks” with their top teams in Legal, finance, marketing and event planning to share market best practices and expertise.

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