“It was divine intervention that we came here.”

Josie and her 16-year-old son came here from El Paso because work was scarce. “I had a part-time job there, but I couldn’t meet the rent,” she says. “I had a friend who invited us to come out here and stay, but her place was overcrowded so we had to move.”

Josie obtained vouchers for a hotel where she and her son stayed while she looked for work. “I only found a few temporary jobs, and couldn’t get my son into school because we didn’t have a permanent address. Then the vouchers expired. We had nowhere to go and I had no money,” she says.

Then she remembered Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, where she’d obtained bus vouchers in the past. It was then she and her son moved into Genesis House.

“It was divine intervention that we came here,” she says. “I’m grateful for having a roof over our heads, and I’ve learned from the women here how to be strong, to be assertive and to trust. A Christian program is what I needed.”

Today, Josie has found a job and an apartment in the district where her son has been attending school. “We’re really happy,” she says. “If this place weren’t here, we would be sleeping in the park.”

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