A God-Sized Challenge

Oswaldo and Linda were a hard-working, responsible couple who’d created a loving and stable home for their five children. Then their world came crashing down around them. Oswaldo lost his job and, while he was looking for work, the family was evicted, though they were current on their rent. “The manager threw us out on the street. We left a lot of personal things behind,” Oswaldo says. “We took it very hard.”

The family stayed in motels for two weeks, until a homeless man suggested they find a shelter through L.A. Family Housing, and they found their way here to Genesis House. “I’m thankful to God for this place,” Linda says. “They gave us a roof to sleep under, a bed to sleep on, food, and diapers for our two-year-old.”

Meanwhile, their children are beginning to heal from the trauma of being ousted from the only home they’d ever known. “Being homeless made the kids really depressed and stressed, especially my 10-year-old,” Linda says. “She’s seeing a therapist arranged through Genesis House.”

Now, everyone in the family is finding reason to hope. “The staff here tell you, ‘Okay, you lost your place. Shake it off. Let’s start new. It’s a fresh thing,’” Oswaldo says.

Because of your generous support, couples like Oswaldo and Linda are facing their family challenges and being transformed by God’s love at Genesis House. “They give you a roof and enough time to save your money, to find your place, to be steady again.”