From fear to faith

A small car may make a temporary shelter, but it doesn’t make a home.

As a mother of two, Tascolony had more than just herself to think about when tough times hit.

She was holding down a job and trying to make ends meet when her lease was suddenly terminated. The only option she and her children had was to live in their car.

Cold nights. Hot days. Discomfort. Fear. These were just a few trials Tascolony’s family faced. She spent nights finding safe places to park their car, and days trying to piece their lives back together.

Then, Tascolony discovered the Mission’s Genesis House – a safe home for homeless women with children who need help rebuilding their lives and becoming self-sufficient.

“When I saw the cross outside Genesis House, I knew we’d be taken care of.”

Living in Genesis House changed Tascolony’s direction. Instead of feeling hopeless and alone, her heart was filled with thankfulness and peace.

“I could finally take a deep breath,” she says. “It was confirmation that I was not alone, but God was with me.”

As she settled in with her family, she discovered yet another family – the other women at Genesis House. “I’m so happy my daughter is in such a loving environment,” she says.

Today, Tascolony is back at work and a volunteer at her daughter’s school. She’s hoping her family will soon have a home to call their own – and is grateful that Genesis House has helped her family move from hopelessness and homelessness toward a brighter future!

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