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“They’ve given us the opportunity to make a better life.”

Margarita loved being a full-time mom and was thankful for her hardworking husband who earned enough to pay their rent and support their five children. Then, without warning, he was laid off. “It turned our whole world upside down,” Margarita says. “We were evicted and staying in motels, moving every day. It was really hard to see our kids going through that.”

Eventually, they used all their savings and had nowhere to go. That’s when LA Family Housing referred them to our Shepherd’s House, where they found food, shelter and loving, supportive staff. “They make you feel like this is your home, warm and welcoming. You get the feeling of stability here,” Margarita says.

She’s seen the effects of that stability on her children. “All our kids are changing. They’re calmer and they’re opening up more,” she says. “They feel good here.”

 “Our children feel safe here and that’s what matters most.”

Meanwhile, Margarita’s husband is going to school to become a certified welder, with plans to work in a friend’s construction business. And Margarita plans to become a certified childcare provider. “This place has taken a lot of weight off our shoulders because we have a safe place for our kids while we go to school,” she says. “We feel blessed being here.”

Margarita and her husband will stay at the Shepherd’s House and work until they’ve saved enough money for a home for their family. “Everything is covered here. We pay our insurance and our cell phone bill and the rest goes in savings,” she says. “That feels good.”


Because you gave from your heart to help Margarita and her family, their lives have been changed by your goodness and God’s love forever! “The Shepherd’s House has provided a safe place for our kids and given us the opportunity to make a better life. We feel confident and encouraged about the future.”

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