Luis Wants to Thank You

“I found hope at Hope of the Valley.”

Luis grew up in a world of addiction and neglect, with no guidance or sense of purpose. “My mother was an alcoholic, and my dad left when I was young,” he says. “I didn’t have any structure in my life or good role models to follow.”

Instead, when he was a teenager, he followed in his mother’s footsteps and began abusing alcohol. Then, when he was 20, his older brother introduced him to hard drugs. “I thought if he was doing it, I should too,” Luis says. “I created a monster on my back and it had to be fed.”

For 31 years, Luis’s addiction controlled his life, destroying his marriage, landing him in trouble with the law and, finally, leaving him homeless. He was living in a tent nearby when he came to our Help Center for a shower and a meal, but he found so much more. “I got into AA and other faith-based classes here and connected with God,” he says. “Now I’m grounded in my relationship with Jesus Christ, and I’m going on 19 months clean.”

Through our “Purpose Driven Life” class, Luis found the motivation to pursue his dream to become a drug and alcohol counselor. “The teacher lit a fire in me,” he says. “I got my social security card and driver’s license and enrolled in college.”

“Now I let the Lord guide my path.”

He’s now working towards a degree in Addiction Studies at Pierce College, will soon be moving into low-income housing and enjoys volunteering here at the Help Center, sharing with others what was given to him. “The Mission helps you get your life together,” he says. “I found hope at Hope of the Valley.”

Because of your generosity, Luis’s heart has been filled with thanksgiving… and God’s love! “The Mission gave me direction, and now I’m on the right path.”