Holiday Meal Campaign

The Wall of Hunger

Breaking the Holiday Hunger Barrier

Along with shelter, one of the most basic of all human needs is the need for food.  Hunger is a powerful force that can and does destroy lives.  At Hope of the Valley, we know that for most, Hope begins with a Hot Meal!  Helping a mom feed her children, rescuing someone off the streets and starting their road to recovery with a warm hot meal is what we do!

This holiday season we do not want any of our 500+ homeless clients to go hungry thus we are launching our 2020 Campaign:  The Wall of Hunger – Breaking the Holiday Hunger Barrier.  During November and December we will serve 90,000 meals!  We have already raised funds for 50,000 of those meals and we are launching The Wall of Hunger Campaign to fund the final 40,000 meals.  Because some of our food is donated and the fact that we cook in bulk, our average cost per meal is $2.00.  So, to insure no one goes to bed hungry this holiday season, we need to raise $80,000 to Break the Hunger Barrier.

Please look at the graphic and determine how many meals you can sponsor and make a donation to cover those costs.  When you do, we will add your name or business below so that we can all celebrate the generosity of our community sponsors!  To sponsor a Brick in the Wall, CLICK HERE.

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50,000 Already Sponsored ($100,000)

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