Over 60,000 people are homeless in Los Angeles County

Not every homeless person carries a cardboard sign with “will work for food” written on it. While the faces of those who suffer from substance abuse addiction or severe mental health issues is very visible (nearly 30%) there are many faces of homelessness that are not visible. We don’t see the single mothers fleeing domestic violence or women and children facing sexual abuse. With no where to go they end up on the streets.  Because the street seems safer than their homes. 35% of homeless have been victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse.  

We don’t see the kid who has aged out of foster care. When the state checks stop coming, so does foster care. After having moved from foster home to foster home most of their lives, many youth find themselves turned out of their foster homes and onto the street. 4,673 of homeless are 18-year-olds left behind by the foster care system.

We don’t see the grandmothers and grandfathers — Without family, advanced age, unaddressed health issues, and fixed incomes put many seniors on the streets. 25% of homeless are over age 62. 

Four people die on the streets of Los Angeles every day.

They are our grandfathers and grandmothers, our sisters, our brothers and even our children. Homelessness has many faces. It stems from many sources. But it has one answer.

Homelessness ends with a home.

CEO of Los Angeles Homeless Services Charity Spends 100 Hours on the Streets

Follow his Journey to bring awareness to the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.

To bring awareness to the homeless crisis facing Los Angeles, Hope of the Valley executives, Ken Craft (CEO/Founder) and Rowan Vansleve (President/CFO) spent 100 hours on the streets of Los Angeles during the coldest week of the year. They braved the streets of Los Angeles for a full week with nothing but a backpack containing a single hygiene kit and $5 to their name. The video below documents their experience. 

Watch the C-Suite to the Streets Story

Ken & Rowan’s journey as part of C-Suite to the Streets: 100 Hours Unsheltered on the Streets of Los Angeles is over. But their fight to bring awareness to the homeless crisis in Los Angeles isn’t.

There are over 60,000 people living on the streets of Los Angeles.
FOUR people die on our streets every day.
Shelter should be a human right.
Help us bring our unhoused neighbors home.

Join the #HOPEWINS cause!

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Help us get the word out to civic leaders, friends and family.  Share their journey through your favorite social media platform. You can find us @hopeofthevalley on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube or click on the icons below. Or follow Ken @kencraft (Facebook) and Rowan @rvansleve (Instagram).

Help bring our unsheltered neighbors home.

Ken and Rowan would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support as they focus the spotlight on the plight of those living on the street.

Each day Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission inspires HOPE by providing an immediate pathway out of homelessness and poverty for men, women and children. #hopewins

With your help we can extend that to many more people throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.
Community leaders and businesses have joined arms with Hope of the Valley to help meet this great need including: The Beachbody Company and Foundation, Goodguard, Panorama Insurance Agency, SoCalGas, Centered Insurance Solutions, Inc., First Republic Bank, and Oaks Security.

Donations during the holidays and throughout this week on the streets will benefit the mission in providing further aid to Los Angeles’ unhoused residents, as well as directly funding renovations and the ongoing build of the Trebek Center (formerly a recreational roller rink called Skateland), a 23,000-square-ft, 107-bed bridge housing facility currently under construction in Northridge, CA. 

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