Genesis House Family Shelter


First Family Shelter in San Fernando Valley

Genesis House is an emergency shelter for single women and children who are transitioning out of homelessness. The purpose is to provide a safe environment in which mothers and their children can be equipped to live self-supporting and healthy lives. The house has rooms for nine families. The program is designed to give women the structure needed to gain employment, save for the future, and move on to the next level of housing. According to Hope of the Valley, Founder and CEO, “the shelter offers struggling families the opportunity to catch their breath and plan for a new beginning in a stable living environment.” Genesis House is one of only three shelters in the San Fernando Valley that is for women with their children (including Casa de Vida and Shepherd’s House also run by Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission). The 3,750 sq. ft home is a dream come true for moms and children seeking a fresh start and freedom from being homeless.

The idea for the Genesis House came about when the building’s owner Steven Sperber contacted Ken Craft, CEO Hope of the Valley. The former Nun’s facility was the ideal location for such this project. David Cruz of Valley View Realty provided his services for an effortless property sale. California Home Builder and JT Blinds were among 60 honored suppliers and sub contractors that donated their time and services. Their assistance was needed to make this much needed house a reality.

“Within four months, these women will be placed into permanent housing,” Ken Craft said. “It’s not about getting in and kicking your feet up for a year. It’s about getting in, getting stabilized and getting ready for a permanent home.”

Each of our family shelters operate at a $25,000 loss per year. We need to raise an additional $75,000 specifically for our moms and kids.

Join with me and stand with our moms and kids who are living in our family shelters and give a generous gift today so that our Family Shelters will continue to operate without reduction or disruption. Consider one of the following gift options:

Family Friend – $25.00
Family Supporter – $50.00
Family Defender – $100.00
Family Ambassador – $250.00
Family Champion – $500.00
Family Hero – $1,000.00

When we visited the home recently and delivered toys for the home and the kids who reside in the house, we saw first hand, how giving back to the community makes a difference in the lives of many. We believe that the way to repair the world is by doing something for someone.

–California Home Builders

Help us eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessess.

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