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January 11th, 2022

Death Valley to Hope of the Valley

The 250 Mile Run to End Homelessness
Death Valley Ken Rowan

Starting February 23rd, Ken Craft (Founder/CEO of Hope of the Valley) and Rowan Vansleve (President/CFO) are going to run from the lowest, the hottest, the driest… the most isolated place in the United States—Death Valley—to a place called HOPE. For those who have been to Death Valley, you know that not much lives there; the terrain and temperatures are inhospitable. It is called Death Valley for reason; that is where things die.

Death Valley is the perfect analogy for what happens when people become homeless. When people lose their housing and are forced to live unsheltered, they slowly start to die. Mental, emotional and physical capacity diminish. Dreams die…Hope dies! The flicker of life slowly gets extinguished. We must move people from a place of death to a place of hope!

Ken Rowan Training

The 250 mile run will illustrate the inevitable struggle that takes place when a person determines to exit the Valley of Death and move to the Valley of Hope!

On Wednesday February 23rd, they will attempt, physically and mentally, the most difficult challenge of their lives. Over a 16-day period, they will put their bodies to the test, running an average of 15-17 miles per day over formidable terrain to make a point, increase awareness and raise much needed funds for the Mission. Hope of the Valley is on the verge of opening the Trebek Center but still needs to raise approximately $500,000. Their hope is to raise $250,000 through Death-Run-per-mile sponsorships and the other $250,000 through major gifts.

Please consider sponsoring Ken and Rowan with the most generous per mile donation you can afford. Example, if you sponsor $.50 per mile, you would donate $125.00. If you sponsored $1.00 per mile you would donate $250.00. If you sponsor $5.00 per mile you would donate $1,250. If you sponsor me $10.00 per mile you would donate $2,500.

No sponsorship amount is too small or too big. Equal sacrifice not equal gifts!

Special Incentive – For those who are able to make a flat sponsorship of $5,000 or higher, we will name one of the Trebek Center bedrooms in your honor! (107 Bedrooms Available). You will also receive a limited edition commemorative t-shirt with a special quote from the late Alex Trebek and artwork by Ryan Murray.

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The smiles on the kids faces when they go into permanent housing makes all the hard work worth it!
This family was staying at one of our family shelters and now they have a place to call home!
To help Hope of the Valley with housing essentials please see our ...Amazon wish list at link in bio.
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It’s been 1 year since the opening of the first Tiny Home Village in Los Angeles! So much has happened since then…@hopeofthevalley is so proud to now be the service provider for 6 Tiny Home sites accross the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles!
Residents receive 3 meals a day, Air ...Conditioning and Heating, Electric Outlets, Locking Door, Laundry, Showers, Bathrooms, access to our Job Center, Case Managers and Housing Navigators! Because the streets should not be the waiting room for permanent housing!
Thank you @paulkrekorian @cityoflosangeles @ericgarcetti
#homelessawareness #tinyhomes

The Trebek Center is only two months away. We still need to raise approximately $750,000 in order to open and operate this life-changing shelter. So Ken and Rowan will undertake the ultimate endurance run representing the struggle that so many of our clients undertake leaving Death Valley ...(homelessness), running to a place called HOPE. It’s 250 mile run needs to raise the money to successfully open this incredible shelter honoring Alex Trebek and family. Stay tuned…to learn more and see how you can support their efforts go Death to Hope run to link in bio!
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Brian lived in his car since his social security wasn’t enough for a rental in LA anymore
Our Hope of the Valley team connected him to a emergency housing voucher and is now all moved in to his new place! #homelessawareness #hopewins ...#housingisahumanright

Success story form Hope of the Valley’s Job Center!
Salvador is a young man currently staying at the  HOTV Winter Shelter, Salvador came in on to the Job Center looking for a job and help recovering his Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and state ID. 
Salvador was struggling with... homelessnes he lost all his documents making it difficult to keep a stable income. We reached out to one of our employers who hires from the job center Mr Robert, and introduced Salvador.
Mr. Robert offered Salvador an interview the very next day.  Mr. Robert was very happy with Salvador and decided to keep him as his employee full time. Salvador doesn't have a car but was willing to walk to work everyday to work until he saved enough to buy his car, Mr. Robert was so pleased with Slavador's work and attitude that he donated Salvador a brand new Bicycle. 
It is little milestones such as these that give us purpose here at the Hope of the Valley Job Center not forgetting our mission and value statements, hence the story we share with you. 
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Hope of the Valley’s John White House of Hope is a 12-bed, 9-month men’s alcohol and substance abuse recovery program in Arleta. We are so proud of these participants and how hard they work towards their sobriety and also Darcy the house manager who tirelessly keeps everyone engaged!
We ...provide a supportive structured work-therapy program where participants gain real-world job experience growing and preparing for a sober future with purpose by training in our Culinary Program preparing meals for our clients. Participants also perform custodial duties, help with our thrift stores, our shelters and at our administrative offices in Pacoima. During non-work hours, men participate in specialized, holistic, spiritual recovery programming. Designed to be not a landing pad but a launching pad! #secondchances #soberlife #hopewins #havehope

Don’t discard...Donate! A Great Way to help out Hope of the Valley is to donate your gently used clothes and household items!
We will come pick up your donations! Call 818-392-0020 for pickup! Or drop off at any of our thrift stores…for locations go to link in bio.
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Are you interested in joining in the fight against homelessness? Hope of the Valley is hiring. Come be a part of the team…Apply today!
Go to link in bio!
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Our condolences go out to the families of the victims…
@foxnews thank you for including Hope of the Valley’s President @rvansleve in the conversation…the mental healthcare crisis is real. 19.86% of adults experience a mental illness, equivalent to nearly 50 million Americans. Access to must be dramatically expanded. Legislators, insurance companies, and regulators, including medical boards of registration, need to respond boldly and swiftly to this crisis.
#homelessfacts #mentalhealth #hopeofthevalley

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