Covid-19 Pandemic: Message from the CEO

Friends of the Mission–

I expect many of you are feeling the impact of the current crisis caused by Covid-19. We see the disruption it has caused for the families of our staff and volunteers and the impact it has on our homeless brothers and sisters. As you are preparing to wait out this storm, we ask that you remember us. Our teams are working tirelessly to provide support and housing to the men, women and children without shelter in our community.

In addition to our family shelters and youth shelter, right now we are housing nearly 140 more people at our emergency shelter. It is now open 24/7 due to the weather and current outbreak.  At this time, there are no known cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) at Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission’s Administration office, our shelters, or any of our satellite locations. However, as I look across the cots in our emergency shelter I see many men and women advancing in age, their immune systems ravaged by their time on the streets. The impact this may have on this community is unthinkable. Hope of the Valley is their safety net. It’s the only place many of them can turn to.Our staff and resources are being stretched. We need your help today.

We ask that you pray for our teams and the men, women and children that we serve.

We also ask that you give. We have responded to this outbreak by extending our services to help more people. But we can’t do it without you. Please consider making a special gift to help us meet this crisis head on.

Thank you for your support and prayers during this challenging time for our guests, residents, volunteers and staff. Together we can provide hope and dignity for our neighbors facing homelessness and poverty.


 Until every person goes to bed full and safe,


Ken Craft


Help us eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessess.

San Fernando Valley Homelessness is Lowest in LA County

10 – Years of Success: How Hope of the  Valley is Preventing, Reducing and Eliminating Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness in the San Fernando Valley 

With nearly 100,000 homeless men, women and children in LA County, the homeless problem is visible and real. And it’s growing—by nearly 17% per year (according to the 2019 Homeless Count). For the last 10 years Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission has been providing programs and services to help prevent and eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessness throughout San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County. Through our efforts the number of new people on the streets grew by less than half that of the the LA County Average. At 8% it is the lowest in Los Angeles County. That means, there are half as many people on the streets as there would have been without our work. We want that growth to not only be zero, but to be reversed.

Help us eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessess.