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georgequezada.mr12_6_cropped_new_0.jpg“The Mission taught us not to give up.”

robert_cropped.jpg“Life was out of control. I’d lost everything, including myself.”

Roberto grew up in an abusive home, a witness of physical violence and a target of verbal abuse. “Music and drugs were a way to isolate myself, be in my own mind and get away from everything.”

for_the_article.jpgJeremy was just 13 when he started experimenting with drugs, carrying on his family’s legacy of substance abuse. “My uncle and my grandmother died of alcoholism. And my mother was a big pot smoker,” he says.

0917_hvrm_nl_02.jpgBruce grew up in the ghetto. His mom was working, and his dad battled alcoholism, so Bruce was often left to himself.

thrift2.png5 good reasons to donate your gently used clothing and
household items:

  1. You get to clean out your drawers, closets and garage
  2. Homeless men, women & children get much-needed clothing free of charge
  3. You get a tax deduction
  4. Clothing and goods that are not given away to those in need are sold to provide money for Mission programs and services
  5. Here’s a Hope of the Valley Thrift Store near you:

Hope of the Valley's Hope Care Center Now Open!


Recuperative Care addresses the gap in health care for the homeless who are going back and forth between hospitals and the streets. Many homeless patients are in a vulnerable place. They are too ill to return to the streets, where their injury or illness is exasperated, but not ill enough to stay in the hospital. What they need is a “temporary home” where they can rest, be cared for and recuperate.