Mission and Values

homeless.jpgOur goal is to meet the needs of the “whole” person — spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The organization is governed by a skilled and experienced local board of directors comprised of men and women who have a tremendous passion to meet the needs of the hurting in the greater Los Angeles area.


Our vision is to tangibly demonstrate God’s love to the Hungry, Homeless and Hurting of the greater Los Angeles area by offering Hope, Hot Meals, Housing, Health Services and Healing to those in need.

  • Hope – A message of love, support and freedom for a better tomorrow.
  • Hot Meals – Food distribution to the hungry.
  • Housing – Emergency/transitional shelter to the situational and chronically homeless.
  • Health Services – Resources for basic human needs.
  • Healing - Proven programs that lead to wholeness and self-sufficiency.


Our Mission is to attract people and resources to assist in the effort of meeting the needs of every hungry and homeless man, woman and child in the greater Los Angeles area. Through strategic partnerships and services, we empower our clients with the faith, knowledge, resources and skills to lead a life of wholeness and self-sufficiency.


As a faith-based compassion ministry, we focus on the spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, occupational and financial needs of our clients. Our leadership seeks to operate in and promote an atmosphere that is entrepreneurial, strategic and practical. We develop well-thought-out strategies and implement them through teams of skilled and faithful staff and volunteer workers. Partnering with Individuals, Businesses, Civic Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations and Government Agencies, we expect to grow and serve ever greater numbers of those in need.


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Caring Attitude

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission demonstrates compassionate concern for individuals lacking means to provide food, shelter and clothing for themselves and their families.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission believes that everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, political persuasion or religious affiliation is entitled to receive essential life services.

Integrity and Accountability

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission has the highest level of integrity in its administration, programs and services. We maintain, and report our records accurately and with accountability.


Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission works with a wide variety of organizations and service providers. We recognize that the task of ending homelessness is greater than any one organization and that we must all work together. 


Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission encourages all segments of society to find creative ways to volunteer their time, talents and treasures to serve the less fortunate. Our commitment is to make such volunteer experiences meaningful and memorable.

Faith in God

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission adheres to a Judeo-Christian world view that emphasizes the dignity and worth of every human being and their ultimate dependency upon God for personal strength and purpose for living.

Financial Sustainability

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission believes its work of providing homeless services to those in need will be needed for many years into the future. Therefore, we strive to fulfill our mission with thoughtful strategic choices that ensure we have sufficient financial resources.

Growth and Reproduction

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission will proactively and creatively provide new and additional programs and services to those in need both in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas.