Genesis House

Genesis House

Our residential program for single mothers and their children who are transitioning from homelessness.


genesis_house_exterior.jpgGenesis House clients will reside in a 3,752 square foot group home. The residence has 12 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.



We are currently remodeling the property with assistance from HomeAid, a non-profit organization thatworks in partnership with the Building Industry Association to build and renovate homeless shelters. HomeAid has pledged $150,000 toward renovations to the home which will include energy efficient windows.



Before the end of 2012, we will accept 10 families into the Genesis House program. The single mothers leading these families will not only begin the process of gaining the tools to become functioning, successful and fully self-sustaining heads of household, but they will also be mentored and empowered to strive to achieve the best for themselves and their children.

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 If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for The Genesis House, please contact Aaron Montes