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  • From Struggle to STRENGTH

    When Teresa first met George, no one would have guessed that these two lost souls would find the help, courage and faith to turn their lives around.



  • Welcome to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

    Our vision is to tangibly demonstrate God’s love to the Hungry, Homeless and Hurting of the San Fernando Valley by offering Hope, Hot Meals, Housing, Health Services and Healing to those in need.

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We need your help today to provide meals and shelter. You can provide one meal and the care that changes lives for only $2.05. A gift of $102.50 will provide 50 meals and care to help change lives. $153.75 provides 75 meals and care to help make a huge difference in the lives of our homeless, hungry neighbors.



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  • “The Mission taught us not to give up.” When she was a little girl, Teresa was very close to her mother. But when she was 12, her parents’ marriage...
  • Charles was devastated when he lost his mom to alcoholism... but even that wouldn’t be the wake-up call he needed to find help for his own addiction...
  • Bruce grew up in the ghetto. His mom was working, and his dad battled alcoholism, so Bruce was often left to himself. He found a job after high...
  • Fred came home from work and had a few drinks like he’d done every day since he was 19, but the effects of his drinking had been changing since he...